About EyenBros

What we do?

We help community leaders go for bigger projects with small efforts.

EyenBros is a social platform to carry out community projects. It allows you to receive proposals, collect funds, and lead together.

You can bring your tribe online, and lead your projects together. It can be your ​friends​, your neighbors​, or your ​team​... Overall, communities may be huge, or they may involve only a few members, but all communities are private; which means they are accessed only by their members. And anyone can be part of several communities at the same time.

At EyenBros, our goal is to get you through your projects from start to finish. To get you to the point where you made something that matters for your people. Then we help you retain your community for your next projects.

More than Just crowdfunding

Here, community members are also owners.

All crowdfunding sites give you the ability to raise funds online from strangers. But in reality, it's the community members who will do the funding. We know that, so we deeply engage the community members.

The most important thing we do is build strong communities; Tribes.

We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to make people want to engage in a collective project. So we built this tool with a strong community in mind. Fully transparent. As well as with features that help you keep everyone involved.

It would be wrong to call this model Crowdfunding. Because; as opposed to a broad crowd, folks that are doing a project here, all belong to a strongly connected community. So we proudly call communities on EyenBros: ​ "Tribes​" and declare this model​ : ​ "Tribefunding​".

Because no one wants to be part of something that is most likely to fail. The question at the project stage may be; how to boost contributions? We've designed the project flow to crush it. And we are above all committed to this point.

The second most important thing we do is make leadership easier

We understand that not everyone has the time and energy to lead. Nor willing to make decisions for others. On the other side, We see that people are motivated to take part in their communities, and that is just enough on EyenBros. We make it easy for members to be involved in all aspects of the projects. Including making decisions. We took care of easy communication, as well as transparency and automation. Because we believe that leaders need time to lead their personal lives as well.

We help tribes look for the right professionals for their projects. Then in the project stage, we create contracts and supply protection; Professionals are more likely to treat you well if you come from EyenBros. Because they will receive payments by your permission. Plus, how they treat you determines whether in the future we’ll steer deals toward or away from them.

We understand that money is a big responsibility, when it comes to collective payments. We seem to have succeeded in creating a trust environment. Because tribe members love the clarity, the ability to choose where to spend their money. And leaders win peace of mind. Because we pay the raised fund directly to the professionals. They just decide how much we pay, and when we pay them.

We supply our tribes leaders with moderation and analytics tools. The sort of power you can not get in fundraising events, or on a crowdfunding site. And above all we are happy to support you directly.

How does it work?

Simple, free, and on-demand.

To create a tribe, you simply signup, and fill the Create Tribe form. Immediately you can start bringing you people, by sharing the triple link, or through the invitation tool. Because all tribes are private, you will moderate people who would join the tribe.

To create a tribe project, describe the project, and invite professionals to give you quick proposal. The best way to engage tribe members is to show them the received proposals as early as possible. You can even get them ready before bringing your tribe members. So that they will get into the mission mode right away.

Tribe members will get a good image of what you can achieve and how much it may cost. They are the best judge. And will show their support by voting on the best offers, and making funding

At EyenBros, our goal is to get you through your projects from start to finish. To get you to the point where you made something that matters for your people. Then we help you retain your community for your next projects. commitments. No one will pay anything unless a sufficient fund commitment is collected. Fund enough to cover the chosen proposal.

During the project, we notify tribe members about all important events. You guys can communicate in the tribe threads, where any member can comment. As well as in chat. We know the nature of tribes projects may require splinting tasks. So we made it possible to create private chat groups.

We charge nothing to the tribes except for payment gateway fees. That goes to our payment partner. We make no restrictions on members nor projects. This kind of tool can not be found anywhere else for free. We make our money with professionals. Because they are used to dealing with payments and costs. And if you are a professional, we don’t charge you anything either Unless you make money with us. And we want to make you money.


We believe a community should have more control over its fate.

We want give communities the power to have options.

Onboarding note

We are committed to providing the best service. Therefore we will take a limited number of communities. We are looking to onboard ​30 active tribes initially​. ​ After that, new members will be placed on a waiting list. Except for those who get ​invited to an early tribe.​ This strategy will extend to an undetermined date.