Sprot equipment for high school football team

By the approach of the new season, our school team of football got qualified to the national competition league. we are very proud of the hard work they made last year, and want to keep pushing them forward this year! They showed that they are able to take pressure and win in very hard circumstances. But we and couch Johnson, believe these fellas are special and they have the potential to upset the big schools! In this project we want to bring some training equipment to the gym as well as new uniform colors for . Helmet. Neck Collar/Neck Roll. Jockstrap and Cup. Mouth Guard. Thigh, Hip and Knee Pads. Shoulder Pads. Gloves. Equipment Cones. Twenty small, three-inch weighted cones. ... Scrimmage caps. Fifteen colored scrimmage caps. ... Balls. You should have five, two of which should be new. ... Kicking tees. You will need one for kickoffs and a different one for PATs or field goals. Hardware kit.
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We love the Team ! and big followers, we will be happy to supply all the equipment and gears right to the sport center. when ever you are ready, we can deliver within one week. we have all the list and with sufficient amount, I will book them for you from now. if you have another request we can work it out, I have some new heavy lifting equipement I can offer you a good deal if you consider them.
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on behalf of the team and the whole school, I thank you. everyone in the team is excited to go for great season, and you would be happy to know that all players got their size right. Thank you to everyone who supported us!

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glad to have the chance to work with our favorite high school team, thank you to the coach and all the community members. we will be happy to carry on the support. Have a great season !